Three Counties Academy Trust Values

Working with PACE

Three Counties Academy Trust Vision

To build a brighter future for all of our stakeholders, rooted in respect, collaboration and a belief in each other that we can achieve our very best.


Three Counties Academy Trust Mission Statement

Three Counties Academy Trust exists to provide a holistic educational pathway for all of the children in its care from the Early Years to Key Stage 4, which values and promotes both the academic and vocational, in order to unlock the potential in all of our children.

We recognise that our schools and wider communities are made up of many individual parts, brought together for the benefit of all. We value and promote the academic, but likewise we see great value in the vocational and in play, it is for us to unlock the potential in all pupils so that they can take that forward and use it to become cohesive and integral members of society in an area that they enjoy and value. Education is about the process of learning, but it is also about developing skills and self-awareness.

Communication, social interaction, resilience, and empathy are some of the many skills and attributes that must be developed in order to live life to the fullest, but most of all it is about enjoying the experience of learning and developing so that in adulthood our pupils can look back on their time with us with fondness and a deep and comforting sense of accomplishment.

For our schools, we want to develop a strong network of effective local leadership, supported by equally robust collective administration. Each school has its own heritage and rich traditions that this trust is proud of and seeks to protect, support, and promote. For our staff, we will endeavour to provide a stable and supportive organisation that considers their needs and allows them to develop and achieve their ambitions in life through opportunities we provide, and, for our community, we want to deliver an educational offer that they are proud of and support as it seeks to develop the future members of their community with our schools at the heart of it.